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Quattro Goomba’s Beer Kitchen

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This post is well overdue, friends. Quattro Goomba’s has a Beer Kitchen and is serving up some really delicious food! Yep, that’s right. A Beer Kitchen! My favorite place in our home + my favorite beverage. I can’t really think of anything better. You should totally check it out! I mean, I don’t think you need much more of an endorsement than that, do you? You already know how we love our beer and our food. And when we get the chance to combine the two at one of our favorite breweries in the area, well, you all need to know about it too.

The lovely Lashelle Davis at Quattro Goomba’s invited us out last month to try out their new food menu, pairing their brewery fare with some of their newest beers on tap. A beer kitchen has been in the works for quite some time, with Lashelle mentioning the desire to serve food in-house during our first visit last summer. Their beer kitchen is taking your tried and true basics like burgers, potatoes and tacos and stepping them up a notch. We were so happy to see their dream finally realized and dig into a few, delicious items on the menu.

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In addition to opening their beer kitchen, Quattro Goomba’s is also taking a new and different approach to their beers. When we first visited last summer, they were primarily focused on what they considered their flagship beers. About one year later, their vision has changed a bit, bringing in a new assistant brewer and focusing on a wider range of beer styles. But that doesn’t mean Quattro is moving away from the classics. Rather in a beer world full of blended this and over hopped that where it can be hard to isolate individual hop flavors, Quattro is looking to do something a little bit different and focus more on single-hop IPAs. As Lashelle explained, by keeping the base beer the same and only tweaking the hops, you, the beer drinker, can begin to further your understanding of how specific hops impact the beer’s aromatics and flavor. It’s a drinkable lesson if you will. Then you, the beer drinker, can start to narrow down what you really like, get to know the beer you are drinking and appreciate the hops for what they are individually.

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I can attest their single malt and single hopped IPA with Falconer’s Flight hops was my favorite beer of the afternoon. Light with fresh lemon and grapefruit flavors, it was their first in a series of these single malted, single hopped beers, also known as SMaSH. (I stopped by a few weeks later with a few girlfriends that were in town and was thrilled to try another in the series, this time single hopped with Citra. Wow!) We tried almost every beer on the menu, and I gotta tell ya, it was tough to find a beer I didn’t enjoy.

I really liked their Rye Not? Imperial IPA with Simcoe and Centennial hops. I’m a Simcoe girl, what can I say? I loved the way the spicy rye notes in the beer paired with that oniony, pungent, dank taste of the Simcoe hops. Their Darth Vader Black IPA, one of their original, favorite beers, was brought back due to high customer demand. Made with American hops, the beer had a nice malty and roasted flavor that balanced out a mild hoppy bitterness. The guys over at Geek Thirty even devoted an entire podcast to the beer! That’s serious! And their barrel aged Barleywine, Traditz, it was fantastic! I’m going to let you in on a secret that could kill the little cred I do have. I don’t love the Barleywine. Sometimes it’s just too damn boozy, and for me, it kills the entire beer. But this version, which happened to be their first barrel aged beer, wasn’t too boozy at all. It was delightful to drink, and in my opinion, did not drink like a beer over 10%.

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From the beer kitchen standpoint, I love what Quattro is doing – giving you food and beer pairing suggestions right on the menu! We tried three different menu options while visiting, and I’m hard pressed to tell you which was my favorite. Everything we tried was delicious. First up was the “That’s Right” burger (or patty melt, if you will) topped with caramelized onions, melted Munster cheese and served inside the Quattro Goomba’s pizza shells instead of a bun. The twist on this burger came about from Lashelle actually as it’s something that would be whipped up for a quick bite to eat during long days at the brewery. This burger is perfect brewery fare because it’s light on the stomach and the flavors are mild enough to pair with a variety of their beers like the Friar Nuts Belgian Dubbel or the Little Lion Wee Heavy Scotch Ale. I loved the thinner beef patty, and using Munster cheese instead of your normal American or Swiss added some nice, buttery notes to the dish. Oh did I mention it also comes with a beer battered onion ring topped with a sweet glaze? Yum!

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The “1-in-12” Shrimp Tacos were so fresh and juicy. Topped with a creamy southwestern cole slaw, smoked jalapeños and clementines, each bite was like a little mouth party. You’d have the juicy clementines bursting in your mouth with their sweet orange flavor. The jalapeños would kick in some  smoky heat, while at the same time, the creamy cole slaw would dial the spice back a bit. The grilled shrimp was so flavorful on its own, you really didn’t need the toppings, but they added such a fun and fresh feel to the dish. We actually recreated these at home we loved them so much! But we couldn’t match that delightful pairing of the smoky heat with southwestern cole slaw dressing. Some things are better left to beer kitchen experts. We’d recommend (as did Quattro Goomba’s) the Session IPA or one of their single malt, single hop IPAs for a pairing!

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The last menu item we tried was the “When the Weather Breaks” Potato Wedges. These bite sized potato wedges sat in a pool of roasted garlic ketchup and were drizzled with bacon herb-infused sour cream. Bacon-infused sour cream. Just let that sink in for a minute. It’s everything you could ever imagine it would be and more. These mini potato wedges were such a nice alternative to french fries, I can’t even tell you. And being ketchup obsessed, I loved this variation with the roasted garlic flavors.

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Cody and I love visiting Quattro, not just for their beers, but also for the sense of community and family vibe they bring to the brewery. Most of the beer names reference something to do with the family owned operation. Like their “Hot Tomato” Chocolate Chipotle Porter? It’s actually something that the grandfather used to say in reference to a pretty lady. I know some of you, I’m sure you’ll find that offensive. But I happen to think it’s adorable! The really cool beer flight holders are also handmade by a father and daughter who help out at Quattro. It was a bonding experience for the two of them to work together and create the boards. The brewery, it’s just a place for us that feels really good to visit. And I know it has everything to do with the family aspect and the fact that as soon as you walk in their doors, Quattro makes you feel part of their family too.

Thank you Lashelle for having us out! We always enjoy talking with you and learning more about what’s in store for Quattro Goomba’s! Since it has been a month, their menu options have changed a little bit to include some new items….are you ready? Citra hop-infused deviled eggs with fried capers (OMG!), house made beer pretzels with a creamy pepper cheese sauce and buttermilk fried, parmesan crusted calamari served with a side of buffalo bleu dipping sauce.  My mouth is seriously watering just thinking about those deviled eggs. I live for deviled eggs. And beer. Really good beer. Cheers!