Jenn and Cody Specketer live in Northern Virginia, just outside of the Nation’s Capital, with their three smoochy-faced furbabies and a stocked beer fridge. Their mutual love for a good beverage began back in 2005 when a chance meeting in a bar sealed their fate as the boozy duo. Virginia truly is for (beer) lovers!

Here on Bites, Barrels and Brews, Jenn can be found writing, cooking and baking up a storm while Cody is always more than happy to sample the goods coming out of the kitchen. Pairing beer with everything from brunch to dessert, you’ll read about a wide range of beer styles and recipes for whipping up the perfect beer and food combinations. Make sure you visit the Recipe Index for Jenn’s delicious Pizza recipes and Cody’s personal favorite – Boozy Baked Goods!

Jenn and Cody also make it a point to visit breweries around Virginia (and beyond) to taste all the beers. Beercations are the best kind of trip to take, and you can read more about their brewery visits and beer travels on the blog!

If you find yourself thirsty for something besides a cold one, never fear! You’ll find food pairings, recipes and reviews for wine, whiskey and cocktails too. Because when it comes to alcohol, it’s not nice to discriminate.

Feel free to get in touch with us at specketer@bitesbarrelsandbrews.com or follow along with us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. We’d love to connect with you, and thanks for stopping by for a pint! Cheers!


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