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SAVOR Event Preview: Adroit Theory Advanced Beer and Cheese Pairing

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Hey guys. Long time no see. I’ve been busy doing beer things off and on elsewhere, but no worries. I shall return! In the meantime, I’m sure you know SAVOR kicks off tomorrow evening at the National Building Museum. Don’t think we’d miss one of the largest beer and food pairing events ever! I’m pretty fucking excited to be covering the event for tomorrow evening so I hope to see some of you there!

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Quattro Goomba’s Beer Kitchen

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This post is well overdue, friends. Quattro Goomba’s has a Beer Kitchen and is serving up some really delicious food! Yep, that’s right. A Beer Kitchen! My favorite place in our home + my favorite beverage. I can’t really think of anything better. You should totally check it out! I mean, I don’t think you need much more of an endorsement than that, do you? You already know how we love our beer and our food. And when we get the chance to combine the two at one of our favorite breweries in the area, well, you all need to know about it too.

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Belly Love Brewing Craft Beer Dinner

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Remember when we first went to Belly Love Brewing, and I shared a sweet story with you on how the brewery’s name came to be? Well turns out we didn’t get the story exactly right. Our original review happens to be one of our most viewed posts, so we want to set the story straight today. Luckily we got a little one on one time with Belly Love Brewing owners, Togla and Katie Baki, when we attended Belly Love’s first craft beer and food pairing dinner.

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Schlafly IPA + Five Guys Burgers

Happy New Year, and welcome to our first post! We kept it easy, light, and lazy this New Years Eve after an extremely busy Christmas. I’ll be honest, our past New Years haven’t always turned out the best, so I no longer mind a quiet night in with my hubby and the pups. In fact, it’s really nice not waking up with a hangover on January 1st! We’re old!

Here on the blog, we love our wine. That’s a fact! But we don’t really discriminate when it comes to drinks. While our wine racks are full of delightful reds, whites and dessert wines, our fridge is always fully stocked with various craft beers. And tonight, our burgers were begging for a craft beer pairing.

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