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SAVOR Event Preview: Adroit Theory Advanced Beer and Cheese Pairing

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Hey guys. Long time no see. I’ve been busy doing beer things off and on elsewhere, but no worries. I shall return! In the meantime, I’m sure you know SAVOR kicks off tomorrow evening at the National Building Museum. Don’t think we’d miss one of the largest beer and food pairing events ever! I’m pretty fucking excited to be covering the event for tomorrow evening so I hope to see some of you there!

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Beer Review: Devils Backbone Kabong Triple Imperial IPA

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Everyone has that one craft beer story, right? That one beer that changed it all for you? It’s the beer that opened your eyes to a whole new world of beers that weren’t like all of the others. This beer had flavor. It had depth. It was complex. You could actually taste it. Enjoy it. Sink your teeth into it. It gave you something to think about. Talk about. Reflect on. It was, for lack of a better phrase, your “first”. It was life changing.

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LoCo Brewfest

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This past Saturday Cody and I attended Loudoun County’s LoCo Brewfest, hosted by Lost Rhino Brewing Company in Ashburn, VA. With around 15 breweries expected to be in attendance, an early VIP entrance time for 200 people and some of the best food trucks around providing their grub, we knew it would be a great time. We’d been waiting in anticipation of trying the Loudoun County collaboration beer, the LoCollaboration to be exact! It was brewed especially for the event with 15 breweries convening at Old Ox Brewery and combining their expertise and know-how to create one amazing beer. The event kicked off exactly at noon for the early birds, and we took full advantage of the small crowd, hitting our favorites and trying out some new to us breweries we hadn’t gotten a chance to visit yet.

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Belly Love Brewing Craft Beer Dinner

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Remember when we first went to Belly Love Brewing, and I shared a sweet story with you on how the brewery’s name came to be? Well turns out we didn’t get the story exactly right. Our original review happens to be one of our most viewed posts, so we want to set the story straight today. Luckily we got a little one on one time with Belly Love Brewing owners, Togla and Katie Baki, when we attended Belly Love’s first craft beer and food pairing dinner.

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