Beer Travels: Strangeways Brewing // Mekong // The Answer

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Welcome to Part One of our Richmond Beercation! Just let that word sink in a little. Beercation.  I’ll get back to it in a bit.

Our trip to Richmond last weekend was full of many firsts for us. It wasn’t our first visit in the River City as we’d spent a weekend in town a few years ago for the Virginia Wine Expo. But it was a first in a lot of ways, some known going in and others completely unexpected. It was our first time using AirBnB, which was such a wonderful experience. I wanted to “live like the locals” on this trip, and the spot we stayed at, a “Gem in the Heart of the Fan”, gave us that experience. I love to explore cities by just walking around and taking everything in, and Jill’s place allowed us to do just that despite the chilly April temps! I mean, who else can say they’ve stayed in a super chic and stylish apartment that was once an old Cadillac dealership or walked along in the Monument 10K on your way to drink beer at 10AM?!

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Starr Hill Brewery King of Hop Lemon-Lime IPA Bars

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It’s Thursday morning, and there’s finally a post up on Bites, Barrels and Brews? Say what? I know, you thought I died and had flittered off to beer heaven. (Which part of that happened, the beer heaven part. Also known as Richmond….but more on that later.) Everyone’s creativity gets stifled from time to time, right? There’s quite the back up of posts headed your way. Like, did you know Quattro Goombas Brewery has a kick ass beer kitchen now? So if you missed me, get ready!

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Adroit Theory Gin Herb, Lemon & Thai Basil Saison + Mahi-Mahi

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Are we all feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed after the weekend? Or are we dealing with the effects of the time change? I think this is the first year where I actually feel pretty darn good after losing that hour. Maybe it’s the excitement for warmer temps and longer days filled with sunshine that has me in such a good mood today. Or maybe it’s just being better about acceptance in all areas of life, especially those where one has no control. Spring Forward happens – you can’t stop it. So you either fight it and complain about it or you take a deep breath, accept it and embrace it. Without all of that noise from fighting, you might find out you actually like that thing you’ve been avoiding, whatever that might be.

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Beer Travels: Brother’s Craft Brewing

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For the past few years Cody and I have taken a long weekend to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We pack up the pups (who require more stuff than we do), blow off work Thursday afternoon and head off on a weekend full of craft beer tasting and searching for some of the best Virginia eats around. A few breweries in Harrisonburg, VA have been on our list to visit for quite some time, and with neither of us visiting the area before, our long weekend trip for February was the perfect time to pay the town a visit. Harrisonburg indeed delivered.

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