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      Aluminum foil for air conditioning: fierce market competitio

      Time:2016-06-29 18:33 author:admin View:

      Since 2010, the home appliances to the countryside policy as well as the export market to pick up, driven by the rapid growth of China's air conditioner production, which also led to the growth of aluminum foil demand for air conditioning. National Bureau of statistics data show that in 2010 1~11 months, China's air conditioner production for the. If the average consumption of about 3.3kg to calculate the air foil, 2010 China air-conditioning foil market capacity of over 340 thousand tons. If the next two years China's air conditioner production can maintain the growth rate of 15%~20%, in 2012 the market demand for air conditioning with aluminum foil is expected to exceed 480 thousand tons.
      In the growing market demand, at the same time, aluminum foil production capacity increased, the market situation in supply exceeding demand, at the same time, fighting in the air conditioner market price war set fire to the field of spare parts, enterprise in order to hold down costs, reduced year by year air conditioning with the purchase price of aluminum foil, so that the air conditioning with aluminum foil enterprises are facing increasingly fierce competition, gradually declining profits situation.
      Profits continue to decline increased competition
      According to the insiders, the pricing of aluminum foil is generally added to the price of aluminum ingot processing fees, air-conditioning business general at the beginning of the annual frozen through bidding aluminum foil to identify suppliers. Aluminum ingot prices is generally a month before the Shanghai Stock Exchange aluminum ingot prices average delivery value, so the changing track of aluminium foil for air conditioner prices in the short term trend of aluminum ingot and consistent, and aluminum foil production enterprise profit is from processing fees.
      Lanzhou aluminum Shanghai sales branch office in Hangzhou, director Wei Yongjun told the "electrical" reporter, air conditioning with aluminum foil processing fees year after year. This year's air conditioner with aluminum foil processing expenses fell down 100 yuan, the main reason is air conditioning with the total capacity of aluminum foil has far exceeded the actual demand, even if is hydrophilic foil coating, after years of rapid development, production capacity has been a surplus.
      This reporter has learned that the air-conditioning foil is basically divided into two types of foil and hydrophilic coating foil. Plain foil is aluminum processing in the lower end of the product, the production threshold is low, the processing cost has been reduced to the limit. Have a business person in charge said that air conditioning element foil processing fees have been reduced to 5000 yuan per ton, a lot of aluminum foil production enterprises based on cost considerations are not willing to further reduce the processing costs. In addition, it is understood, due to the hydrophilic foil coating with excellent hydrophilic and corrosion resistance, the heat exchange rate generally than plain foil increased 10% ~ 15%, for high-grade and export air-conditioning hydrophilic foil coating amount every year to increase. Currently in the market, the hydrophilic coating foil accounted for 60% of the total amount of air-conditioning foil, the proportion of future applications will continue to rise. However, the current price of hydrophilic coating foil has also dropped to the bottom line. North China Aluminum Co., Ltd., general manager of marketing department, said Zhang Changkun, assistant director of the hydrophilic coating foil processing costs have been reduced from last year's 8000 yuan per ton to 7000 yuan per ton this year.
      Chang aluminum shares (002160.SZ) 2010 annual report shows that in 2010, the company's hydrophilic coating aluminum, aluminum foil processing business gross profit margin decreased in 2009 compared with the same period, the hydrophilic coating foil decreased by 0.52%, plain foil fell by 0.41%.
      "I feel that the current air conditioning with aluminum foil processing costs have dropped to the lowest level, if then go down, many companies can not survive." Wei Yongjun's words are full of helpless. He pointed out that in recent years on the air conditioner market increasingly fierce price war, let air conditioner manufacturers had to reduce the cost of raw materials, especially for aluminum foil, air-conditioning business when the choose and buy as much as possible low processing fees, purchase favor technology, scale of large aluminum foil production enterprises, and some small enterprises without technology advantages, can only play the price card. As a result, the air conditioning with aluminum foil market competition is increasingly fierce. "Now the entire aluminum foil processing market is becoming more and more transparent, has become a fully competitive situation."
      In addition, since most air conditioning companies purchasing policy is 60 days cash on delivery, during peak sales, air-conditioning enterprise arrears at least tens of millions of dollars, more than billion yuan. Industry sources, subject to the impact of large liquidity and profit margins, many air conditioning with aluminum foil production enterprises are facing closure pressure, there may lead to future air conditioning aluminum foil industry to focus.
      It is understood that, at present, there are more than 100 enterprises to produce aluminum foil, aluminum foil industry is not high degree of concentration. Wei Yongjun told the "electrical" reporter, aluminum foil processing industry in the past two years there has been a thinning trend, that is, the enterprise specializing in the production of strong products, and now there are four or five specialized in the production of aluminum foil for air conditioning enterprises. Annual production of more than 30 thousand tons of aluminum foil enterprises are mainly in Jiangsu often aluminum Limited by Share Ltd, North China Aluminum Co., Ltd., Zhenjiang Ding Sheng aluminum Limited by Share Ltd, etc.. According to Zhang Changkun, North China Aluminum Co., Ltd. the current air conditioning with aluminum foil business to produce hydrophilic coated foil based, the annual output of nearly 40 thousand tons, the proportion of grain foil production is very small.
      This year the aluminum foil industry into many smaller private enterprises, these enterprises will be the product price is lower, the entire industry price order has a certain impact." Zhang Changkun frankly, the larger aluminum foil manufacturers generally not only the production of air conditioning with aluminum foil, so the risk is not too high."
      Thinning has been to limit the composite foil or into a trend
      Due to the production of a thin aluminum foil can not only reduce the use of aluminum in the case of the same heat transfer area, reduce the cost of air conditioning radiator. Therefore, "reducing the thickness of aluminum foil, aluminum foil products was the development trend and the key to success. With the development of the air conditioning industry, the thickness of aluminum foil for air conditioner is especially obvious. Ten years ago, the domestic air-conditioning heat exchanger with
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